mailing services with pixa post

PIXA POST makes the most of your direct mail efforts by integrating a layer of digital marketing channels. You know what your prospects are doing, and when. It tells you when the mail arrived, who clicked on your digital ads, and who visited your website. Here’s a break down of all amazing features of Pixa Post!

social match

We can match 40-60% of your mailing list with their associated Facebook and Instagram accounts, and market a digital ad to your audience while your direct mail piece is still in the mail. So, by the time your piece hits mailboxes, your audience is already familiar with your brand.

mail tracking

PREDICT and CONFIRM when your mail reaches mailboxes – just like a package! This way you will always know the percentage of mail that has arrived and the percent that is left to be delivered. You’ll be better prepared for new calls and online leads.

informed delivery

Informed delivery is a new service from the USPS® that sends out an email to mail recipients, showing them what to expect in their mailboxes. It also allows for marketers to incorporate interactive elements in their campaign, further integrating digital with your printed piece.

call tracking

Included call tracking allows you to see the exact data and results of your campaigns (and record and listen to sales calls), which lets you quality check for better results as they’re rolling in.

online follow up

Your Pixa Post campaign includes a Google campaign that displays follow-up ads to your website visitors all across the internet, keeping you top of mind until they’re ready to buy.

social media follow up

In addition to online follow up, we can also set you up with social media follow up. By remarketing your ad on Facebook, you are able to stay in front of your top prospects. In fact, Facebook has over 1.65 BILLION monthly users and that number keeps climbing.

mailing services

Don’t lick another stamp! Here at Pixa, we have automated stamp lickers! Okay, not really. But seriously, automating your mail will save you a ton in postage not to mention your tongue!

Pixa is a full-service mail house among other things. We’ll make sure your precious mail piece makes it to your intended recipient on time as promised. It’s what we do! We are tight with the post office. Gail is the best!

We’ll make sure your parcel meets all of the USPS standards, so it will make it to your recipient on time. We’ll process your list to check it against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database and the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) to make sure your addresses are correct. We’ll sort, tray and tag your mailings to help you take advantage of postal discounts. We know the USPS regulations for sorting, traying and tagging so you don’t have to.

A trip to the Business Mail Dock at the USPS can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Each mailing is carefully inspected by the USPS and will be rejected if specific criteria is missing. We know the drill. We’ve got you covered.


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